Packing and progress

I’m in the middle of cleaning out a room I’ve inhabited for the past six years and packing some of it away. Tomorrow I’m making the move to college, and while most of my books are staying here for safekeeping, everything else is going somewhere new. It’s weird. It’s not like I’m leaving this house, per se, because I’m going to be here for most breaks. But I’ll never live here permanently again. For the next four years, my home is going to wherever I’m staying in Bloomington, IN, and the house where I did the vast majority of my growing up will be like a way station in between.


Well, in any case. Today I am swamped with boxes and packing and optimum item arranging for cramming the most stuff into boxes. Today, I’m going to go pay my dad a visit before I leave and clean my former room to within an inch of its life (as of Wednesday, it will then be known as Guest Room #2). Tomorrow, I move! I’ll probably put up pictures of my dorm and stuff tomorrow evening.

I have been knitting a tiny, tiny wee bit. The pattern for the lace column vest (currently named Sonia) is complete up to the armholes… I don’t know how to do armholes just quite yet. I’ll pick it up from there. But, I’ve been knitting the Falling Water scarf and here’s what it looks like so far, with two and a half pattern repeats: ta da!

I plan on working on it on the way down to Bloomington.


One response to “Packing and progress

  1. What a lovely scarf. I’ve added it to my favourites

    I hope your packing continues to go well. Such a bittersweet time

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