Monthly Archives: October 2010


One of my sock dpns broke. Fuck my life. Also, I’m broke for the time being and can’t buy new dpns. Pheh.

I’m only using metal ones from now on.


Socks, und so weiter

I believe that’s a German phrase for “and so on.” I would check my handy copy of The Time Traveler’s Wife (my favorite book in the whole wide world), but I’ve read that damn thing so many times that I’m pretty sure that I have the entire thing memorized. As well, it’s in my dorm and I am at a Starbucks.

But, anyway. A sock. I have been knitting on a sock for awhile now, and I was going to take a picture for you lovely (possibly nonexistent?) readers with my shitty camera phone, but the light in Starbucks makes my sock look ruby red. And my socks aren’t ruby red… they’re a nice maroon-ish burgundy blue color shift. ┬áSo I refrained, because the color distortion was so gross.

I’m working these socks toe-up, because I like the idea of being able to knit until you run out of yarn and being able to try the sock on as you go. I used Knitty’s very lovely example of the Figure-Eight Cast On. It was a little tricky at first, but I got it eventually. I have to say, though, the toe looks a little too pointy for my tastes. I might end up casting on more than eight stitches the next time I try this.

Anyway, things are going spiffy! I’ve come through the hell week called Midterm Week alive, so now I get to bunker down and anticipate True Hell Week called Finals Week in December. But that’s not until December! So adieu for now, and I’ll blog when I can get a good photo of my lovely sock.

A little idea

I’m kicking around the idea of doing a 2011 Self-Imposed Sock Club. It’s obvious that since I’ve started knitting socks (and I have, er, started [but not finished] a few pairs…) that I am madly in love with socks and sock yarn. A 2011 SISC would be good for me, because at the end of the year I would have 12 socks to give to all my family for Christmas! Hooray!

I want to be Stephanie Pearl-McPhee when I grow up.

Oh… and everyone is getting socks for Christmas this year. Everyone. I think I need to knit… fifteen… pairs of socks.

Yeah, that’s not happening. That’s a pair of socks every four days. I don’t have money for that! Oh well.

The sock yarn is murmuring to me…

This is what it’s saying:

Nicole… we both know you love me. You can’t hide it. I’m gorgeous. My color shifts are subtle, beautiful, and you want to knit me into socks. You want to knit me into socks for you, right now. Disregard your homework. Don’t knit me for Ryan. He can have the gold variegated sock yarn in your stash. Knit me.

I make the poor, frogged-and-wound-again plain old KnitPicks Andes yarn next to me look like a bag lady.

I’m gorgeous. Knit me.

… save me o_o

Vital signs a go!

Don’t worry. I’m still breathing.

My three month period of being broke ended recently, and what’s the first thing I buy? Needles and sock yarn.

I’m hopeless.

Well. I had a pair of needles… dpns, size 1. But, my gauge is really, really tight and I was getting a gauge of ten sts per inch. Not happening. So I needed size 2 needles but I was broke. When I got paid, I immediately went to a yarn store to find some needles and… and…

I was seduced. By Jojoland Melody superwash sock yarn… in a colorway poetically named “ms39”. But trust me, it’s beautiful.

I think I’m knitting everyone socks for Christmas.

Right now I’m just cruising Rav for the first time in months, looking for something interesting yet easy to do with my virgin sock.