One of my sock dpns broke. Fuck my life. Also, I’m broke for the time being and can’t buy new dpns. Pheh.

I’m only using metal ones from now on.


3 responses to “FML

  1. *sadz* I feel ya. I only do Magic Loop now for that reason. Have you ever tried it ? Super easy and ladders arent a prob once you get used to it.

  2. I haven’t! I’ve always been slightly curious about it, because even though I’ve only tried knitting a heel/gusset twice, the two times I’ve done it I’ve gotten huge gaps between the heel flap and the rest of the sock…

    But I’ve glued my dpn back, so hopefully it’ll hold out until I can get stinking metal ones.


  3. Aww ! I duct taped mine for awhile LOL. Let me know if ya need any input on the loop. I did a baby hat the other night in 2 hours (which is utterly amazing for me). If glue loosens.. I am all about the duct tape ! 🙂

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