In which I am broke

Nothing new, right? I’m a broke college student, dudes. I gots no moneys. This isn’t really a problem though, because back when I did have money and a lot of my things were still bought by my grandmother, what I did buy with my money was yarn. So I’ve got an entire tub filled with yarn. Not large quantities of yarn, but enough to knit small things.

Another problem is, I gots no times. I have to do homework, or work, or be involved in ten million activities because I regularly put too much on my plate. When do I have time to sit down and work on the projects I am lusting after? Like Glenna C’s stunningly awesome Royale, or this wonderful Vernal Equinox Surprise shawl. Or the amazing Gytha hoodie.


So right now I’ve just got a plain old stockinette sock I’m still working on… and a plain old stockinette beret that I should’ve finished a month ago. Because I love berets and want to wear this goddamn thing because IT’S COLD OUTSIDE.

In short, I don’t have enough time to knit. Maybe I should binge during Christmas break? Three weeks of sweet nothing, after all.


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