I discovered my new county library

So, as mentioned in previous posts on this pathetic excuse for a blog, I am a college student. I’m a proud freshman at Indiana University Bloomington, I love my college, and I love the town I’m in. As such, I haven’t been here long, just a few months. Today I discovered the Monroe County Public Library.

Now, I’ve been in this library before. It’s hard to miss — it’s right on downtown Bloomington’s main street, a fairly large building with fairly large windows that lets you see their fairly impressive shelves of books. I’ve been in here for NaNoWriMo’s write-ins (in which I am grievously failing… but that’s another post for another day) and poked around a bit, but today after my last class I really decided to go for a look-see.

They have two whole bookshelves of knitting books.

Maybe, to you, a knitter who might live in a very impressively large city like New York or Chicago… maybe this does not impress you. But for someone like me who’s spent the last fourteen years of her life in a small town whose library only had two shelves of knitting books — THIS IS AWESOME. I can look at all these books and knit things from them without having to buy them! Impressive! Amazing! Totally awesome!

Today, I immediately checked out four books: Knitting Without Tears, Knitting Rules!, Aran Knitting, and Poems of Color. They are all lovely and I want to salivate over all of them.

I’ve been flipping through Knitting Without Tears and I have come to one realization…

I kind of have a thing for ugly skiing sweaters.

More on this later.


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