Ugly sweaters, and how much I love them

All right. Any of you ever been to the website Stuff White People Like? Many of the things on this list are lame / offensive — like gentrification, irony, hating people who wear Ed Hardy… etc. But many of these things, I’m a total and complete sucker for.* Now, ladies and gentleman, I shall draw your attention to numbers 103 and 118 on the list: sweaters, and ugly sweater parties.

I hate parties, but I love ugly sweaters.

I don’t know why! They’re just so charming, wacky, eclectic… you can find all sorts of shit in them. I bet they’re fun to knit, too. I mean, all the colors would match, but the patterns are EVERYWHERE AND EVERYTHING! Mostly, I’m talking about this kind of ugly sweater, except with more colors.

Excitement, thrill, entertainment, and warmth, all in one!

I love them.

* I think it’s okay for me to be a sucker for most things on this list. Most of this is American middle-to-upper-class culture, and I am a middle-to-upper-class American. This does not however, state that I don’t like other cultures. I love other cultures. I’m learning three languages. However, I feel like it’s okay for me to like things on this list because it’s my culture and I’m allowed to like my culture.


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