I’m home for the week for Thanksgiving. It’s lovely. I missed my family and my pets, and walking through my house is totally surreal. Even sitting at my desk in my room is nostalgic. It reminds me of winter nights, two years ago, when I’d sit in here and play WoW on my brand spankin’ new laptop (which is now getting to be a mediocre elderly laptop). Everyone’s been nice as pie to me and everyone came over to my grandmother’s to greet me when I arrived. They’re all sweet and I love my family.

I’ve also been knitting. The Stranglevine scarf (as I have lovingly condensed it to) is coming along: (warning: extremely atrocious photography taken on my cell phone)


And for some detail… kind of…


Yeah, yeah, I know. I’m looking at digital cameras as we speak — er, as I type. I totally need one, simply for the sake of taking good pictures of my knitting!


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