A thought on holiday knitting

I’m notorious for never actually finishing anything, and usually my knitted visions never follow through. I’m changing that, though, and am knitting five people things for Christmas this year. Three pairs of socks and two Hemlock blankets (Rav link).

I actually think this is possible because when I finished the beret, it was the first time I had finished something in an entire year and the finished-object high was just incredible. Here was something I had made with string and pointy sticks, and not only was it useful and warm, it went well with my hair! Absolutely incredible. I definitely want to replicate that feeling as much as possible. And so, I’m knitting people Christmas presents. It would be fairly disastrous if these people didn’t receive Christmas presents from me this year, and so that’s another factor that’s making me finish things, too.

I consider myself fairly fortunate because I have family members and friends who appreciate the thought of me knitting for them. Some of them have even asked me to knit things for them. I follow some knitting blogs, and while many people are in the same situation I am in, with friends and family very appreciative of knitted gifts, others aren’t. I would be really disappointed if I didn’t have anybody to give my knitted things to, because most of the time my thought process is that what I’m knitting is for somebody else. I always think of knitting things for myself, but most of the time when I cast something on, it’s for someone else (which is really bad, because I tell people that I’m going to knit them something all the time and I never finish anything. I know. I’m a terrible person).

With that in mind, I am going to KNIT LIKE THE WIND on a pair of Sunshine Socks for a certain depressed friend of mine. He’s on the mend, and hopefully these socks will keep his feet (and heart) warm, and keep him walking on sunshine (yeah, I went there).

(P.S. I still don’t have a digital camera.)

Sunshine socks!


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