A half-missing cardi

I’ve been turning the thought over in my mind of designing a cardigan tailored specifically for my needs. See, I love to wear t-shirts. I’ve got a lot of baggy t-shirts with bulky sleeves that I like to wear in the wintertime. But unfortunately, when I try to put a cardigan over these t-shirts, the sleeves of the t-shirt always bulge underneath the sleeves of the cardigan. It looks like a mess, so I don’t do it. I bought zip-up hoodies to remedy this, but I don’t like to wear them unzipped because there’s too much excess fabric swinging around my waist.

In short, I have a dilemma. So I’ve been thinking of designing a cardigan with loose sleeves (is the term blouson sleeves? I’ve heard it somewhere…), almost no front sides, and darts in the back to curve with the shape of my back. I never wear my cardigans buttoned because I’m well endowed, to say the least, and so having all that excess fabric that would usually encircle my (already short) waist is a bit redundant. I want enough fabric to hang at my sides, but that’s about it.

I’m a bit of a designer’s nightmare, because my body needs a ridiculous amount of shaping. I have a classic hourglass figure, except exaggerated. I’ve got a generous chest, an extremely short waist (two inches), and then generous hips. My chest and hip measurements are exactly the same, and my waist is less by four inches (40-36-40). Lucky for me, I’m learning how to accommodate this.

So I’m going to do it! And probably when I do it, I’ll want one in every color because this is the kind of cardigan I’ve always wanted. And by the end of completing them, I’ll probably wish I’d never set eyes on them again because knitting the same thing will probably leave me bored to tears.

In other news, I went on to the heel/gusset portion of the Sunshine sock. It looks like shit. It looks so shitty that not even my atrocious camera phone could hide the shittiness of it. I’ve never really done a sock before, so it kind of stands to notion that it would look like shit. I’m ripping it out and trying again.


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