2011 Self-Imposed Sock Club

I think I’m going to do it.

I like socks, I like knitting socks, and I like the idea of twelve completed pairs of socks in a box at the end of the year for me to give away to people who might like them. Or for me to keep to myself, ha.

So: patterns for the SISC of 2011! (All are Rav links)

Cookie A’s Monkey. Haven’t knitted these yet. I should.
Beth LaPensee’s Nutkin.
Cookie A’s Kai-Mei.
Vintage Purls’s Nightingale.
Becca Compton’s Vinnland.
Tiina Seppälä’s Kalajoki.
Emily Johnson’s Paul Atwell.
Nancy Bush’s Fox Faces Socks.
Anna Zilboorg’s 44-Apple.
Alice Yu’s Shur’tugal.
Lisa Shroyer’s Bandelier socks.
MintyFresh’s Leyburn Socks.

I think they’re all pretty challenging and interesting in their own way.


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