Insanity or optimism?

I’m home for the holidays! And you know what that means. What with no school work to focus on, all of this time between me and 2011 is KNIT TIME. So, uh. I’ve got roughly two weeks… to knit… the Hemlock and two and a half pairs of socks.

I can’t decide if this is insanity or optimism. It’s my first year knitting something for anyone for a Christmas present, so I don’t know how my family will respond to a gift still on the needles. But, well, you know, the majority of this knitting is for people not even in my own family, sooo. I’m not honor-bound to give them anything. So I think if I did give them a gift on the needles, it would be okay. It’s not like the socks wouldn’t be finished by the time I left.

I’m speaking like I’ve finished my grandmother’s Stranglevine scarf. I haven’t. Ha. Though it’s getting there. Astute readers of my Twitter feed will say, “But Nicole, you said you were going to finish it last night!” Yeah… I think what happened is that my nephew kicked me out of my primo knitting spot (right smack in front of the television in the spare room) because he had to go to bed. Who knows. The little cake of alpaca is definitely smaller, though.

But in other news, I’m getting a legit camera for Christmas! I told my grandmother that I wanted a camera solely for the purpose of taking pictures of my knitting (and possibly for my upcoming trip to NYC in January). She gave me this look and even went so far as to say, “Are you sure you don’t want an” (exceedingly more expensive) “iTouch instead?” Hah.

Hooray for only slightly shitty photo parades of finished objects! (If you look closely at my last photo presentation, you will notice that the carpet is a different color in every single picture. I took all of those pictures at the same time under the same lighting. I honestly don’t understand how it happened.)


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