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Well, maybe not

Looks like the Self-Imposed Sock Club around here might be a flop right on its first month. I’m certainly not going to be able to get the Monkey socks done by, oh… Monday? It’s not happening. I’m not even done with my aunt’s Blackrose socks. It’s mostly because I don’t like the way the yarn feels, but also equal parts college stress.

And it doesn’t look like it’s going to be any better, because I found out this past Wednesday that my stepmother passed away. So I’m home for the time being, helping my father and looking after my sister while he and my grandmother get everything straightened out. It was completely unexpected and struck very quickly, and all of us are in shock. My friend is a saint — she drove all the way from our hometown down to my university to pick me up and take me home (a four hour drive just one way), and I didn’t even ask her to. Everyone has been exceedingly helpful and wonderful and understanding during this time.

I’m going to knit her a pair of socks, methinks, in that beautiful Seattle colorway from Misti Alpaca. It’s a lovely yarn that’s every color of the rainbow, except it’s nice and muted, not garish. Well, you’ve seen the pictures. Hopefully these will get done because they’re zombie knitting and I’m in love with the yarn. I purposefully picked the best of what I had from my sock yarn for her.

I’ll be back at school on Sunday evening, however, and I’m going to try and start knitting a whole bunch again. I realized a few days ago that since I’ve been back I’ve barely knit a stitch. Yuck.


Around here

I haven’t been knitting… and here is why.

1. I got a boyfriend. He takes up my time.
2. New classes this semester are DRHGLDFKGKWHATTHEFUCK.
3. My Spanish homework just mindfucked me.

BUT. I will be knitting… and here is why.

1. My aunt sent me another care package last night. It was great, as usual. I feel like a horrible, horrible person for not completing her socks on time and so… I gotta get it done. I told her I’d have them done this weekend.



It’s what I got. Nothing, nil, zero, rien, zip, zilch, nada.

This weekend should have been a flurry of knitting and finished objects, and this blog post brought to you on a lovely snowy Tuesday afternoon should have contained the Blackrose socks. But, alas. For some reason I can’t comprehend, I didn’t knit a stitch this weekend. Or yesterday.

Why, do you ask, should this weekend have been a flurry of knitting? I spent (roughly) eleven hours in various buses. Even non-knitters know that this is primo knit time. And yet… nothing. I just sat there like a schlep and listened to music and napped.

But maybe tomorrow I’ll have charming pictures of my university in the recent snowfall for you guys.

Homeward bound

A pseudo-photo essay by Yours Truly. (Or, conversely: “Comments on socks and why I don’t want to knit them right now”)

As of Monday night, I found myself pleased in a very sort of hostile, dominating way on finishing Ryan’s socks. I already knew that after I finished his socks that it would be immediately onto another pair of socks for my aunt, because she sends me amazing care packages and to not give her something for Christmas would be an atrocity. Except… I really do not want to be knitting socks right now.

So, Tuesday morning, I had this:

and this:

As much as you and I would both like to believe, that suitcase there isn’t chock full of yarn. I wish it was. Instead, only the top is full of yarn. But I can assure you, as that suitcase was stuffed to the brim when I was making my way towards New Jersey, it’s a miracle at all that I managed to fit everything I came with and MOAR YARN into the little red bag of death for my return trip home. (Did you notice the blog’s new slogan? Better living through MOAR YARN! We should all have MOAR YARN.)

Soon after, I found myself sitting at the Philadelphia International Airport (the magical land where 31 comes before 25… don’t even get me started on that place, I have so many bad things to say about it) with this:

and this:

(I have just now realized that this is a very terrible picture because it’s blurry. My apologies. However, the color of the yarn is extremely accurate. I would take a better picture, but… I [accidentally?] left the sock at my sister’s house today after babysitting my nephews.)

(There are many parenthetical remarks today.)

As I began working on this sock, the Blackrose sock, I was thinking many things:

1. I was tired of knitting socks.
2. I want to knit lace and cables (Royale and Laminaria, specifically).
3. Jojoland Melody, the yarn I’m currently using, has a love hate relationship with me.
4. Knitting socks right now was tedious.
5. Blackrose is a lovely pattern and goes quickly.

The socks are actually going swimmingly, however. The lace pattern is easy, quick, and when you think about one needle of lace and then seven needles of stockinette, it’s the perfect blend of Zen and Work. It would really be a much better experience for me if I hadn’t just knit a pair of socks.

Can you tell I’m suffering from project tedium?

In other news, I really want a ball winder. And books on how to dye yarn.

An unexpected development

I suddenly want to start dyeing my own yarn. I’ve got the hots for color, and I want to MAKE IT HAPPEN. Starting with sock yarn, because sock yarn is the most interesting.

H’oo boy. This is going to be quite the adventure… I can already tell.

2011 knitting goals

Samurai Knitter does a thing every year where she lists goals she’d like to get done for the new year (mostly knitting). Today as I was gawking at yarn and thinking of the tedium of socks (I want to knit cabled pullovers and lace shawls, dammit, but Christmas still calls), when I started going through a list of things I’d like to knit. And then suddenly these two things came together, and so here’s a list of knitting goals I’d like to get done in 2011. It’s a good idea, anyway. What’s a knit blog for if not to track your knitting progress? I’m not just rambling to the peanut gallery, here. I’m trying to keep track of things I do.

(I was thinking of doing a “2010 in Review” post, but I finished, what, like, three things? Not much of a review. Anyway. The goals.)

(1) Finish more things. I know, I know, this may not sound like a relevant goal, because I’ve finished a hat and a scarf and a pair of socks in the past month. Clearly I am finishing what I start. I think my days of no finished knit projects are over… but I’d just like to make sure. So for now, this is big and bold and important.
(2) Keep up with my sock club. Knit ALL the socks. Etc.
(3) Royale. I was going to start it in December, but I never got past the swatching stage (more on my retardedly tight gauge some other time), and then I went home for break and didn’t take the yarn for it, because my packing space was limited and I had Christmas knitting to do anyway. Not necessarily the most accommodative situation for seven or eight skeins of wool. This is a big undertaking for me, though, because I’ve never knit cables or a sweater before. Nada. I’ve also never knit something that needed to fit someone (other than the socks, but we won’t speak of that). So it’s a worthy goal.
(4) I also want to knit a serious colorwork sweater.
(5) I want to knit something in a lace tradition (Estonian, Orenburg, Shetland, etc.) that is seriously difficult. You know. Just to pull my hair out, for fun.
(6) I want to knit a very thin, very see-through pullover to wear over a tank top in the summer time. Out of this. Yup, that’s right. Linen, in laceweight. Yes, I did say a pullover. It’ll probably be long sleeved. Expanding my fiber frontiers!

Food for thought, definitely.

Coming up next: my trip home, the knitting done during said travel experience, and socks.

O, happy day!

Yarn, books, and finished objects. Is there anything better?

I’ve been staying with my friend for a few days, and today I had the great pleasure to take a little daytrip to Princeton, NJ. Yep, the Princeton that’s home to Princeton University. It was a nice, quaint little town, and the scenery driving there looked something like this from my vantage point:

There was a better shot opportunity a little further back, on top of a giant hill and the country scenery just spread out for miles and miles. It was very beautiful and awe-inspiring, so much so that I could only sit there and go, “Ooooooh…” And I, quite the novice photographer who’s not used to having a camera or taking any sort of pictures whatsoever, didn’t think to snap a photo until it was too late. I had to wait for the next hill, which wasn’t nearly as impressive as the last. The country around here really gives you a feel for amber waves of grain. Very hilly, very farmlike, very scenic. Absolutely beautiful. I love the east coast.

Princeton was a lovely, quaint little town (then again, most towns here are the definition of quaint). Nice coffeehouses, nice shops, and a bookstore that instilled a serious case of booklust in me. I walked away with only one book, but I wanted to buy twenty others. If you’re ever in Princeton, you have to go check out Labyrinth Books. Super serious awesome stuff is in there.

One of the things on the agenda was, of course, to go check out the local yarn store, Pins & Needles. My friend here is a budding knitter and knit me a very lovely alpaca scarf for Christmas, so he knows the importance of visiting yarn shops. He makes quite the travel companion. But woe was us, because we walked into the yarn shop literally five minutes before it closed! I was only able to grab a quick skein of sock yarn…

But in retrospect, the choice was easy. It’s so gorgeous. Lovely, lovely Misti Alpaca sock yarn, in colorway “Seattle.” 50% alpaca, 30% merino, 10% silk and 10% nylon. My fingers are already itching to get a sock on the needles with this luscious beauty, but I’m saving it for a special occasion.

That would have been enough to make my day, but after we got home, I took a nap, and had MOAR INDIAN FOOD for dinner…

That’s right. Finished. I’m slightly worried, because instead of feeling the usual finished-object fondess over these socks, I’m feeling hostile domination. The second sock fought every stitch of the way and created more problems for me than I’d like to admit. I feel like finishing these socks at all was a giant “FUCK YOU” to the sock that tried to one-up me. But they’re finished, and even though they’re too big, the recipient loves them to pieces. So I guess that’s what matters, right?

Knit with KnitPicks Stroll Kettle Dyed Sock yarn, in colorway gold. Pretty good for the price. Nice and squooshy, didn’t really split too much. I’d knit with it again, but the kettle dyed yarn seems to be discontinued.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to start some Blackrose socks with some lovely Jojoland Melody.