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Around here

I haven’t been knitting… and here is why.

1. I got a boyfriend. He takes up my time.
2. New classes this semester are DRHGLDFKGKWHATTHEFUCK.
3. My Spanish homework just mindfucked me.

BUT. I will be knitting… and here is why.

1. My aunt sent me another care package last night. It was great, as usual. I feel like a horrible, horrible person for not completing her socks on time and so… I gotta get it done. I told her I’d have them done this weekend.



I discovered my new county library

So, as mentioned in previous posts on this pathetic excuse for a blog, I am a college student. I’m a proud freshman at Indiana University Bloomington, I love my college, and I love the town I’m in. As such, I haven’t been here long, just a few months. Today I discovered the Monroe County Public Library.

Now, I’ve been in this library before. It’s hard to miss — it’s right on downtown Bloomington’s main street, a fairly large building with fairly large windows that lets you see their fairly impressive shelves of books. I’ve been in here for NaNoWriMo’s write-ins (in which I am grievously failing… but that’s another post for another day) and poked around a bit, but today after my last class I really decided to go for a look-see.

They have two whole bookshelves of knitting books.

Maybe, to you, a knitter who might live in a very impressively large city like New York or Chicago… maybe this does not impress you. But for someone like me who’s spent the last fourteen years of her life in a small town whose library only had two shelves of knitting books — THIS IS AWESOME. I can look at all these books and knit things from them without having to buy them! Impressive! Amazing! Totally awesome!

Today, I immediately checked out four books: Knitting Without Tears, Knitting Rules!, Aran Knitting, and Poems of Color. They are all lovely and I want to salivate over all of them.

I’ve been flipping through Knitting Without Tears and I have come to one realization…

I kind of have a thing for ugly skiing sweaters.

More on this later.

In which I am broke

Nothing new, right? I’m a broke college student, dudes. I gots no moneys. This isn’t really a problem though, because back when I did have money and a lot of my things were still bought by my grandmother, what I did buy with my money was yarn. So I’ve got an entire tub filled with yarn. Not large quantities of yarn, but enough to knit small things.

Another problem is, I gots no times. I have to do homework, or work, or be involved in ten million activities because I regularly put too much on my plate. When do I have time to sit down and work on the projects I am lusting after? Like Glenna C’s stunningly awesome Royale, or this wonderful Vernal Equinox Surprise shawl. Or the amazing Gytha hoodie.


So right now I’ve just got a plain old stockinette sock I’m still working on… and a plain old stockinette beret that I should’ve finished a month ago. Because I love berets and want to wear this goddamn thing because IT’S COLD OUTSIDE.

In short, I don’t have enough time to knit. Maybe I should binge during Christmas break? Three weeks of sweet nothing, after all.


One of my sock dpns broke. Fuck my life. Also, I’m broke for the time being and can’t buy new dpns. Pheh.

I’m only using metal ones from now on.

I suck at knitting regularly

Just saying. Haven’t knit a stitch these past few days, and there’s really not an excuse for that, because I’ve been thoroughly bored out of my mind.

As long as we’re talking about not knitting, I’d also like to add that I made Indian rice pudding and fried zucchini today. These dishes turned out spectacularly. For someone who can’t cook, this is mind-boggling. Really.

I think I’ll go shame myself into working on that damn scarf now.