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Thoughts on a Nutkin

(Or, “I swear I’m alive, guys”)

So, I’m alive. Really. I just kind of took a hiatus from life for a few weeks and stayed in bed to be cuddled by my boyfriend (he’s really good for that kind of stuff. A keeper). Some other stuff happened other than my stepmother passing away, none of it good, and so staying in bed seemed like a good idea. I didn’t even knit! Gasp. I know. But I am knitting now.

I’ll knit the Monkey socks some other time. When thinking of what to knit, my mind jumped to socks… like it always does. In any case, I thought of my languishing Self-Imposed Sock Club and the February socks. Middle of the month, two weeks… seems like a good time frame for a busy college student to complete a pair of reasonably low-stress socks.

Except, well, these socks aren’t as low-stress as I thought. There seems to be problems with the sock biasing a lot, and the knitted-on hem that is the cast on edge is… troublesome, to say the least. I’ve been thinking of making modifications to the sock, like substituting the knitted-on hem cuff for a normal ribbed cuff, substituting the yarn-overs for a m1 instead, and using just a normal heel flap for the heel instead of the short-row heel that Nutkin calls for. Oh, and also… the purls. Ugh. The pattern has a purl stitch at either end of the lace motif and it’s causing ladders in my knitting like crazy! I’ve been thinking of just knitting the purls and seeing what happens.

So, in essence… taking just the lace motif and changing everything else on the sock.

I have to say, though, the knitted-on hem is the coolest thing ever. I hate ribbing, I really do, and the hem FIXES that. I guess you’ll know what I’m going to do when I do.


2011 knitting goals

Samurai Knitter does a thing every year where she lists goals she’d like to get done for the new year (mostly knitting). Today as I was gawking at yarn and thinking of the tedium of socks (I want to knit cabled pullovers and lace shawls, dammit, but Christmas still calls), when I started going through a list of things I’d like to knit. And then suddenly these two things came together, and so here’s a list of knitting goals I’d like to get done in 2011. It’s a good idea, anyway. What’s a knit blog for if not to track your knitting progress? I’m not just rambling to the peanut gallery, here. I’m trying to keep track of things I do.

(I was thinking of doing a “2010 in Review” post, but I finished, what, like, three things? Not much of a review. Anyway. The goals.)

(1) Finish more things. I know, I know, this may not sound like a relevant goal, because I’ve finished a hat and a scarf and a pair of socks in the past month. Clearly I am finishing what I start. I think my days of no finished knit projects are over… but I’d just like to make sure. So for now, this is big and bold and important.
(2) Keep up with my sock club. Knit ALL the socks. Etc.
(3) Royale. I was going to start it in December, but I never got past the swatching stage (more on my retardedly tight gauge some other time), and then I went home for break and didn’t take the yarn for it, because my packing space was limited and I had Christmas knitting to do anyway. Not necessarily the most accommodative situation for seven or eight skeins of wool. This is a big undertaking for me, though, because I’ve never knit cables or a sweater before. Nada. I’ve also never knit something that needed to fit someone (other than the socks, but we won’t speak of that). So it’s a worthy goal.
(4) I also want to knit a serious colorwork sweater.
(5) I want to knit something in a lace tradition (Estonian, Orenburg, Shetland, etc.) that is seriously difficult. You know. Just to pull my hair out, for fun.
(6) I want to knit a very thin, very see-through pullover to wear over a tank top in the summer time. Out of this. Yup, that’s right. Linen, in laceweight. Yes, I did say a pullover. It’ll probably be long sleeved. Expanding my fiber frontiers!

Food for thought, definitely.

Coming up next: my trip home, the knitting done during said travel experience, and socks.

Design dreams

(See also, alternate title: A break from the photo montage.)

So, like any knitter, I buy yarn and then it doesn’t turn into what I’d planned. In this specific case, I have roughly 1760 yards of ultramarine laceweight sitting around. This number boggled me when I calculated it. I have no idea why I bought this much yarn when I only needed half of it for the now long-dead dreams of the Advent calendar scarf. I think I’d planned to knit some fingerless mittens with it, too, but who knows. It’s beautiful and I’m glad I have all of it.

In something seemingly unrelated, my aunt got me the most beautiful shawl/stole for Christmas. It’s wonderful, looks like a peacock’s tail, and is from Malaysia. Even though previously I thought that I wasn’t a shawl person, possessing this shawl has immediately reversed this thought process. This shawl is amazing, beautiful, and just wearing it makes me want to knit ten million shawls to wear.

Naturally, my 1760 yards of ultramarine laceweight suddenly gained a purpose. But when I started cruising Ravelry for shawl patterns to knit, none of them seemed to click with me. When I search for a pattern, I have a very specific criteria in mind, and if a pattern doesn’t meet that criteria, then I skip it. What I wanted from the Rav search engine was something rectangular with a nice lace repeat that was repeating, slightly Turkish, and centered out (by centered out I mean something like this, not this). I always go into a search with high expectations and then when they aren’t met, I sulk and pout and frown until…

I’ll just design a damn shawl. And yes, it will probably be grafted together in the center.

So that brings, what? A lace panel vest, a t-shirt cardigan, and now a shawl to my list? (I also want to toy around with making a notoriously difficult music score into a knitted blanket, recreating Hope’s scarf from Final Fantasy 13, and knitting lanscapes… but that’s a blog post for a different day.) I’ve got design dreams, big time.


I’m home for the week for Thanksgiving. It’s lovely. I missed my family and my pets, and walking through my house is totally surreal. Even sitting at my desk in my room is nostalgic. It reminds me of winter nights, two years ago, when I’d sit in here and play WoW on my brand spankin’ new laptop (which is now getting to be a mediocre elderly laptop). Everyone’s been nice as pie to me and everyone came over to my grandmother’s to greet me when I arrived. They’re all sweet and I love my family.

I’ve also been knitting. The Stranglevine scarf (as I have lovingly condensed it to) is coming along: (warning: extremely atrocious photography taken on my cell phone)


And for some detail… kind of…


Yeah, yeah, I know. I’m looking at digital cameras as we speak — er, as I type. I totally need one, simply for the sake of taking good pictures of my knitting!

Packing and progress

I’m in the middle of cleaning out a room I’ve inhabited for the past six years and packing some of it away. Tomorrow I’m making the move to college, and while most of my books are staying here for safekeeping, everything else is going somewhere new. It’s weird. It’s not like I’m leaving this house, per se, because I’m going to be here for most breaks. But I’ll never live here permanently again. For the next four years, my home is going to wherever I’m staying in Bloomington, IN, and the house where I did the vast majority of my growing up will be like a way station in between.


Well, in any case. Today I am swamped with boxes and packing and optimum item arranging for cramming the most stuff into boxes. Today, I’m going to go pay my dad a visit before I leave and clean my former room to within an inch of its life (as of Wednesday, it will then be known as Guest Room #2). Tomorrow, I move! I’ll probably put up pictures of my dorm and stuff tomorrow evening.

I have been knitting a tiny, tiny wee bit. The pattern for the lace column vest (currently named Sonia) is complete up to the armholes… I don’t know how to do armholes just quite yet. I’ll pick it up from there. But, I’ve been knitting the Falling Water scarf and here’s what it looks like so far, with two and a half pattern repeats: ta da!

I plan on working on it on the way down to Bloomington.

The pattern is coming along swimmingly.

Meanwhile, you should look at this: the most epic geographical puns you will ever see in your life.